General purpose probe, adult

Adult (1 per pkg.)
Esophagus, rectum

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The Blood Glucose Monitoring System is designed for accurate and comfortable glucose testing. It is intended for use by healthcare professionals and at home as an aid in monitoring the effectiveness of a diabetes control program.

The painless lancing device we have developed provides patients with a more comfortable blood sampling experience. A small minimum sample volume (0.5uL) and shorter measuring time (5 seconds) makes measuring a blood sample easier and fast thereby benefiting the patient.

Our strips are designed with Error Prevention function in order to prevent users to insert the strips into the meter upside down

EBI has developed a blood glucose strip that is a patented two-sided electrode. This innovation helps filter and process the complex signal obtained from one tiny blood drop in the reaction area. As a result a smaller volume of blood is needed to obtain an accurate reading.


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