MAC 5500 HD Diagnostic ECG Machine

  • Marquette 12SL analysis with technology advancements to provide one of the most advanced ECG pacemaker detection systems.
  • Advanced interpretation of paced rhythms
  • Streamline workflow
  • Proven Accuracy
  • Handles a larger work load


• Detect pacemaker pulses more accurately via a high sample rate, reducing the risk of treatment contraindicated for paced patients.
• Advanced interpretation of paced rhythms via the Marquette 12SL program. Marquette 12 SL can detect and report the underlying rhythm.
• The CAM HD acquisition module reduces noise and artifact for clearer ECG tracings.

• Speed triage and treatment with on-screen and printed notifications
• Streamline workflow by reducing time-consuming manual identification of critical values
• Consistently report critical conditions to help support patient safety goals


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